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Petersen Designs Inc. is a small company based in Canada, founded by Tod Petersen in 1993. His goal for the company is to design and produce musical accessory products which enhance the experience of making music, "Because music is challenging enough".

Tod has been a musician for 26 years. In 1993, he combined his years of experience in the manufacturing industry with the desire he had to build a better music stand.

During the first six years of the project, he worked in partnership with an award-winning industrial designer, the late Charles Shepherd. In 1999, the two finally arrived at what they felt was a viable design concept; one they could both be proud of. It was now Tod's job to tell the music world about it. Because Music is Challeninging EnoughAnd so, on December 28, 1999 the first Petersen Music Stand was shipped from the company's headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The company continues to design and develop other accessory products, currently focused on enhancements for the flagship product, the Petersen Music Stand. Other design projects are in various stages of development. Stay tuned!

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Because Music is Challenging Enough