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I love it. It looks great and it's such a problem solver. You actually succeeded in making a music stand a cool piece of gear to use. (T.H. - Beech Grove, IN)

It's so lightweight and practical! (M.D. - Brazil)

I bought two more stands and shoulder bags for gifts for some of my colleagues! One of my friends really needs it because he has polio and gets along only on crutches. Your stand is so lightweight, it will make life a lot easier for him when he goes out on gigs. Great job on designing a real music stand for the working musician. Thanks again, and keep up the good work! ( C.V. - San Diego, CA)

Great stand! (R.M. - New York, NY)

Your stand looks a lot better than the dear old wire one that I used to have out in front of my Roland keyboard! (C.W. - Grand Rapids, MI)

I think it's great! It's compact, lightweight and easily portable; simple to assemble and disassemble and it's adjustable. It is also low profile when on stage and it can hold heavy binders of music, lyrics and tablature. You gotta know that I have impressed several of my fellow musician friends with your product! (S.B. Windham, OH)

I have several music stands. I often do single gigs and was getting tired of lugging the metal stand with the big metal top. Recently I started looking for something (1) lighter, (2) professional looking, (3) strong enough to hold my gig book, (4) hold my stage light, and (5) could fit into my tote case. Hence I discovered the Petersen Stand! (R.G. - Nepean, Ontario, Canada)

Exceptional design. (B.M. - Englewood, NJ)

The first innovation in music stands in decades. Revolutionary! (Music Trades Magazine)

This is the music stand for the next millenium. (K.C. - Portland, OR)

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