Choral & Classroom

Broadway Junior - Disney's The Lion King KIDS


Music and Lyrics by Elton John and Tim Rice

Additional Music and Lyrics by Lebo M and Mark Mancina and Jay Rifkin and Hans Zimmer

Book by Roger Allers and Irene Mecchi

Based on the Broadway production directed by Julie Taymor

Overview / Synopsis

Disney's The Lion King has captivated the imagination of audiences around the world, and now-for the first time ever-you have the opportunity to produce this one-of-a-kind musical.

The Lion King Experience is an immersive, project-based exploration of theater-making. This easy-to-use program has been developed to give you all the tools you need to introduce theater in the classroom and to produce your very own production of The Lion King.

In addition to a performance license to produce The Lion King KIDS, a 30-minute adaptation created especially for the strengths and skill levels of elementary school students, The Lion King Experience includes a ShowKit® of materials to help bring your production to life and a rigorous 11-session curriculum that explores the fundamentals of theater-making.

Audio Sampler - HL00137559 $10.00

ShowKit - 01173056 $545.00

This ShowKit includes:

  • 30 Actor's Scripts
  • 1 Director's Guide
  • 1 Piano/Vocal Score
  • Digital Access to:
    • Performance / Acccompaniment Tracks
    • Guide Vocal Tracks
    • Choreography Videos
    • Family Matters Resources
  • 3 pack of Djembe
  • 1 Experience Binder
    • Includes Activities and Sessions for the Kids
  • 30 Family Matters Booklets
Individual Components

00137550 - Director's Guide $100.00

00137551 - Piano/Vocal Score $40.00

00137552 - Actor's Script $10.00

00137553 - Actor's Script 10 Pak $75.00

00137554 - Performance/Accompaniment CD* $75.00

00137555 - Student Rehearsal CD* $10.00

00137556 - Student Rehearsal CDs (20-Pak)* $100.00

00137557 - Choreography DVD* $50.00

00137558 - Resources Disc* $10.00

00137560 - Experience Binder $100.00

00137877 - Demonstration DVD $50.00

00137559 - Audio Sampler $10.00

*Legacy ShowKit components with limited stock

One By One
Circle of Life with Nants' Ingonyama
I Just Can't Wait To Be King
Be Prepared
Hakuna Matata (Part 1)
Hakuna Matata (Part 2)
Can You Feel The Love Tonight
He Lives In You
Luau Hawaiian Treat

Cast Size
Medium (11-20), Large (over 20), Flexible

Cast Type
Children in Cast, Ensemble Cast - Many featured roles, Strong/Large Chorus, Teenage Roles

Dance Requirement
None/minimal, Standard (Musical Staging/Some Dance/Optional)


Banzai A slick yet childish hyena who works for Scar. He would be the leader of the group if hyenas weren't so lazy. Look for an outgoing and confident actor who can portray nastiness and gruffness. As Banzai is always featured with Shenzi and Ed, consider auditioning the hyenas in trios.

Gender: Male, Any Age


Ed The third member of Scar's trio of lackeys. He has a loud, cackling laugh that is his only form of communication. Ed should be played by an actor who can laugh unabashedly and communicate through physicality and facial expressions rather than words. This role can be played by a boy or girl.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age


Hyenas Scar's army, helping carry out his evil plot to take over the Pridelands. Hyenas are mangy, mindless creatures who sing in "Be Prepared." Cast actors who are able to sing the background parts of that song while playing the loud and raucous characters. Your hyenas can double as animals of the Pridelands or lionesses.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age


Mufasa The strong, honorable, and wise lion who leads the Pridelands. Mufasa should command respect onstage and also show tenderness with his son, Simba. Cast a mature actor who can convincingly portray the king.

Gender: Male, Any Age


Nala Grows from a cub to a lioness before she confronts Scar, so cast a more mature actress. As with Young Simba and older Simba, ensure that this switch in actors performing a single role is clear. Direct the actors to share a mask or costume piece that distinctly represents Nala.

Gender: Female, Any Age
Vocal Range: Bb3 - Bb4


Pumbaa A kindhearted, sensitive warthog who enjoys his simple life of grubs and relaxation. Cast a boy or girl who can portray this loveable and loyal friend to Timon and Simba with deadpan humor.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age
Vocal Range: B3 - E5

Rafiki (1-5)

Rafiki (1-5) A wise madrill who acts as healer of the Pridelands and guides Simba on his journey home. The Rafiki narrators - five aspects of one character - are the five leading villagers who become the story's narrators. They are key to the storytelling, and should be played by confident performers who are able to enunciate and project, so look for strong singers, as together they sing sections of "He Lives in You" and "Cricle of Life with Nants' Ingonyama." There is an air of mystery to Rafiki, who seemingly knows all, so be sure to cast actors who can command the stage as a cohesive unit. Though written to feature five narrators, the script can be adapted to incorporate more students (or fewer) depending upon your cast size.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age
Vocal Range: C4 - Bb4


Sarabi A featured lioness, Mufasa's mate, and Simba's mother. She has a few speaking lines and provides an opportunity for an actor who can be maternal to Simba and leader of the lionesses.

Gender: Female, Any Age


Scar The antagonist of the show, overcome with jealousy of his brother, Mufasa, and nephew, Simba. Coldhearted and wickedly intelligent, he will stop at nothing to become king of the Pridelands. Cast a mature performer who can bring out this villain's dark side while handling Scar's sarcastic sense of humor. As his solos can be spoken, opt for an actor over a singer.

Gender: Male, Any Age
Vocal Range: B3 - B4


Shenzi One of Scar's hyenas who plot to take over the Pridelands. She is the sassy one of the trio and is always looking out for herself. With Banzai and Ed, she should be able to laugh loudly and long, as well as be menacing to Young Simba and Young Nala.
Female, Any Age


Simba Grows from a cub to lion in "Hakuna Matata." Older Simba has more complex moments as he reunites with Nala, mourns his father, and returns to confront Scar, so cast a more mature actor. Be sure that the change in actors is clear: Try having Young Simba hand-off a costume piece, such as a medallion, to older Simba. Also be sure that Simba and Young Simba share a movement vocabulary.

Gender: Male, Any Age
Vocal Range: Bb3 - C#5


Timon An outcast meerkat who lives in the jungle with Pumbaa. He is afraid of his own shadow, but pretends to be the confident, relaxed leader of the duo. Timon is one of the funniest characters in the show and should be played by a charismatic actor who understands comic timing. This part can be played by a boy or a girl.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age
Vocal Range: Bb3 - D5


Villagers Your entire cast will portray villagers, with central characters emerging from this essential group. Whether an actor transforms into a lioness, Simba, or Mufasa, this can be done by donning a costume piece, prop, or mask to transition from villager to character. Some villagers will play many roles in the story, from animals of the Pridelands (such as giraffes, elephants, lionesses, etc.) to hyenas to wildebeest (should you choose to stage the stampede with actors). Whenever not speaking as their assigned characters, cast members will return to their villager characters, sitting and watching the action unfold on the perimeter of the stage. Use this concept to suit the needs of your ensemble; multiple actors can play the same role throughout the show simply by passing on a key costume or prop piece.

Young Nala

Young Nala A courageous lion and Young Simba's best friend. She is not afraid to speak her mind. While Young Nala does sing a little, look for a strong female performer who can portray this confident cub.

Gender: Female, Any Age
Vocal Range: C4 - A4

Young Simba

Young Simba The protagonist of the story, is an adventurous and endearing cub who can't wait to be king of the Pridelands. Simba is playful, energetic, and naive, but after his father Mufasa's death, Simba struggles with shame and his destiny. Cast a strong singer and dynamic performer in this role.

Gender: Male, Any Age
Vocal Range: C4 - C#5


Zazu The anxious yet loyal assistant to Mufasa who is always busy trying to do his duty. Zazu's lyrics are spoken rather than sung, and the role can be played by a boy or girl.

Gender: Male or Female, Any Age

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