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Hal Leonard supports our retailers and we're happy to help you order directly from your favorite store. You can select a retailer by state or country. After completing your order we will promptly notify the retailer via a secured system and they will fulfill it per your directions. You can select to pick up the products in-store and save shipping costs, or you can request to have the products shipped directly to you. Please note that the retailers will determine their own shipping and handling charges and sales tax may also apply. The retailer will contact you directly with the final cost of your order and for payment options.
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We're happy to offer a new option to our site visitors. Once you have added items to your cart, you can "check out" using one of the Hal Leonard full-line internet retailers. Simply click on the logo of your choice and the contents of your shopping cart will automatically transfer to their cart where you can confirm your order and complete your purchase!
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