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Essential Elements for Strings

Essential Elements
Book 2 (with EEI)

Essential Elements for Strings Book 2

Essential Elements Strings Book 2 continues the EE learning system starting with a review of Book 1. Book 2 further develops performance skills with exercises in new keys, additional rhythms and advancing finger positions.

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  • 6 opening pages cover all Book 1 elements
  • Great refresher to start the 2nd year
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  • Includes Rhythm Raps, Listening Skills, Theory, History, Multicultural Music, Creativity and Assessment
  • Introduces and develops sight-reading
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  • D (lower octave) and A Major
  • F and B-flat major
  • G and D Minor
Sample page
  • Dotted notes
  • Sixteenth-notes
  • Syncopation
  • 6/8 meter
  • Cut time
  • Triplets
Sample page
  • Full string orchestra arrangements
  • Arranged by John Higgins
  • Various styles and levels
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  • For violins and violas
  • By pattern, string and key
  • Large, clear fingering charts
  • Mixed meter
  • Comprehensive scale and arpeggio pages
  • Double stops
  • Shifting introduced through harmonics
  • Violin and viola extended third fingers and cello extensions introduced and reinforced
  • Skills can be taught when needed
  • New rhythms introduced in D Major
  • New keys introduced in 4/4

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