Level 5

Here are the concepts presented in Level 5:

Why should you consider the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library?

The Hal Leonard Student Piano Library has great music. It's that simple.

Great music means motivated students, inspired teachers and delighted parents. You couldn't ask for better results! We've combined wonderful music with solid pedagogy and an innovative approach to learning, to create a winning method for everyone. It's a method that encourages practice, progress, confidence, and best of all - success! Students respond with enthusiasm to the:

  • Variety of styles and moods
  • Natural rhythmic flow, singable melodies and lyrics
  • Exceptional teacher accompaniments
  • Improvisations threaded throughout the series
  • Instrumental Accompaniments for every piece available on CD or General MIDI disk
  • Supportive supplementary materials graded to complement the Hal Leonard Student Piano Library, including: fantastic seasonal music, solo and ensembles songbooks, and helpful teaching aids.

When new concepts have an immediate application to the music, the effort it takes to learn these skills seems worth it. Teachers appreciate:

  • Realistic pacing that challenges without overwhelming
  • Clear and concise presentation of concepts
  • Uncluttered page layout that keeps the focus on the music.
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