Reading Sessions

High School

High School Concert and Festival

The editors of Hal Leonard choral music have been working with America's leading conductors and composers to develop the very best in concert and classical music. With series curated by Tim Seelig, Rollo Dilworth, Eugene Rogers, Jonathan Palant, Andrea Ramsey, Craig Hella Johnson, Carrie Tennant, Judith Clurman, and Richard Bjella, we are confident that you will be able to fill your concert needs with the music found in these exciting series. Each song in this set is introduced by the writer/arranger as they offer insights into their inspiration and thoughts about performance possibilities. Introductions are by Alysia Lee, James Eakin, Rollo Dilworth, Emily Clocker, Katerina Gimon, Andrea Ramsey, Craig Hella Johnson and Mac Huff

Middle School

Middle School Concert

Hal Leonard has a legacy of providing the very best and most appropriate music for Middle School and Jr. High. Our most recent releases are no exception. The Discovery series as edited and assembled by Audrey Snyder and Creating Artistry curated by Henry Leck are the gold standards for Jr. High and Middle school music. Including the best in pop music as well as original music by composers who know and love the young and changing voice, we are excited for you to discover this new music.

Introductions are by: Jim Papoulis, Roger Emerson, Emily Crocker, John Michael Trotta, Jack Zaino, Melissa Keylock, and Carrie Tennant

Middle School Pop, Jazz, Stage, & Screen

The rhythms as well as the texts found in pop and contemporary music are often inappropriate and unreachable for musicians at this age. Our talented and experienced writers and arrangers carefully select the music that is published for young voices. You can review the music in this essential and important genre with the confidence and knowledge that it meets and exceeds the highest educational standards. This year there is the added benefit of introductions from the arrangers.

Introductions are by: Mac Huff, Cristi Cary Miller, Roger Emerson, Tom Anderson, and more


Elementary Concert

Whether you are teaching absolute beginning singers or you are adapting to the "New Normal" and you are rebuilding your program, easy unison/two-part music is going to be an important part of your program. Guided by Emily Crocker and Greg Gilpin and with the help of Scott Foss, we are confident you will find lots of program-building music in this session!

Upper Level

Upper Level Concert

We have all learned a great deal during this time of remote learning, Covid isolation, and virtual music making. One of the really important discoveries is that we must move beyond the traditional Western canon with the music we bring to our advanced choirs. Of course we also don’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water” as we train our next generation of musicians. Here, in our upper level concert session, you will find modern editions of traditional Western music. You will also find music by several of America’s leading contemporary composers, new music from under-represented populations, and arrangements of spirituals, traditional First Nation music and new music inspired by and as a reaction to Covid-19, isolation and Black Lives Matter.

Introductions are by: Kyle Pederson, Kris Fulton, David Chase, Philip Silvey, Marie-Claire Saindon, Amelia Brey and Criag Hella Johnson

Shawnee School

Shawnee School

Shawnee Press is a leader in educational choral music with a strong focus on the developing choir and young or more inexperienced singers. Our reproducible resources and warm-up books lead the industry in creativity and practicality. We have something for everyone at every level composed or arranged by Greg Gilpin, Victor C. Johnson, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Mark Burrows, Russell Robinson, Joseph Martin, Nathan Howe, Paul Langford, Ruth Morris Gray, Mark Hayes, Glenda Franklin and many more respected choral artists.

Introductions are by: Greg Gilpin, Ruth Morris Gray, Nathan Howe, Jay Rouse, Andrew Parr, and Bruce Tippette