Scales and Modes in the Beginning

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Scales and Modes in the Beginning

Series: Instructional Publisher: Centerstream Publications Composer: Ron Middlebrook

The most comprehensive and complete scale book written especially for the guitar. Divided into four main sections: 1) Fretboard Visualization, the breaking down of the whole into parts; 2) Scale Terminology - a thorough understanding of whole and half steps, scale degrees, intervals, etc.; 3) Scales And Modes - the rear of the book covers every scale you will ever need with exercises and applications; 4) Scale To Chord Guide - ties it all together, showing what scale to use over various chords.

  • Guitar

$11.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00000010 ISBN: 9780898981513 UPC: 073999019780 Width: 9.0" Length: 12.0" 136 pages

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