Au Bord de l'Eau National/Emerson Fred Bock

Au Bord de l'Eau National/Emerson Fred Bock

  • National/Emerson Fred Bock
  • National Music Publishers
  • SA
  • Emile Paladilhe
  • Hugh Chandler
  • $2.10 (US)

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Emile Paladilhe (1844-1926) was a French composer whose compositions epitomize the French late Romantic style. The fluid melody bounces gently on a buoyant and beckoning harmonic stream, which is also what the opening text describes. Excellent for treble choirs, high school and older.


  • Choral

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  • #HL 00125110
  • 884088988104
  • NM1014
  • 6.75"
  • 10.5"
  • 8 Pages

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