The Guitar Amp Handbook Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds

Updated Edition
Book Softcover

The Guitar Amp Handbook Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds

Updated Edition
Book Softcover

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  • Softcover
  • Dave Hunter
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The Guitar Amp Handbook: Understanding Tube Amplifiers and Getting Great Sounds, Updated Edition brings fresh information to the table to help guitarists understand everything about what makes their amps tick and how to use them to sound better than ever. It builds on the popular original edition of the book, first published in 2005.

Central to the book's success is the way it walks musicians through the significance of each crucial circuit stage and component of a great number of classic and modern tube amp designs, helping guitarists get the most from the amps they already own or choose new amps that are best suited to their needs.

The Guitar Amp Handbook reveals many of the tips and tricks used by today's top designers and builders, and it debunks the hype used by the marketing departments at large manufacturers keen on selling specific amps that might not be right for particular players. The book is designed to help guitarists understand what really goes on inside tube amps and where the tone comes from. This new updated and expanded edition adds further knowledge to the foundation, ensuring it continues as the most thorough and authoritative publication on the subject to be found anywhere.

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  • “Dave Hunter clearly separates true mojo and fact from hype and marketing fiction...Everyguitar player should read this book!” –
  • The Guitar Amp Handbook by Dave Hunter (who has written many a book on guitars) covers everything you need to know about the sought after tube amplifier. There is a very heavy warning on page seven about the danger of opening up an amplifier so I read the book for interest only, rather than intending to get a screwdriver out. Well laud out with detailed chapters on how an amp works plus an assortment of classic amp descriptions, the book then continues on how to choose the best amp for you and how to look after it. Essentially, a one-stop shop for all things Marshall, Fender and Peavey.” – Fireworks Magazine

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