I Met a Bird Small Voices Octavo

I Met a Bird Small Voices Octavo

  • Small Voices
  • Small Voices Publishing
  • Octavo
  • Unison/2-Part
  • Jim Papoulis
  • $2.50 (US)

This product has a minimum order quantity of five copies.

Children love to sing about nature--trees, birds, flowers, sunshine and the moon! Plaintive text, directly from the imaginations of kids, is partnered with a laid-back piano and drum groove in this cheerful and conversational work aimed squarely at the youthful nature living in each one of us.


  • Choral

Product Details

  • #HL 01307924
  • 196288176008
  • 6.75"
  • 10.5"
  • 0:02:50
  • 12 Pages

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