The Stratocaster Continues The Sixth Decade of the Fender Strat Book Softcover

The Stratocaster Continues The Sixth Decade of the Fender Strat Book Softcover

  • Book
  • Hal Leonard
  • Softcover
  • Tom Wheeler
  • $24.99 (US)

Tom Wheeler, author of the landmark Stratocaster Chronicles (9780634056789), a book that covered the first 50 years of the Strat, now has delivered the perfect companion book to any guitar player's book collection. Stratocaster Continues features the same award-winning layout, and high-production aspects of Stratocaster Chronicles, creating a beautiful and inspiring journey covering the past 10 years of the Strat. Featuring stunning color photography throughout, Wheeler uses his industry insider connections to bring the words and insights from Fender executives, famous luthiers, and world-renowned guitarists to the millions of Strat fans worldwide. Topics include the 60th Anniversary guitars, Eric Johnson models, Pure Vintage, the re-creation of Clapton's Brownie, the American Standard re-do, and more. These models are pictured and explained in great detail, as well as stories are told on how this guitar continues to rank as one of the most important inventions of modern times, continuing to inspire players and fans everywhere.

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  • 104 Pages


  • “The Strat continues to appeal, continues to work, continues to speak to the musician looking to express himself. This is not a Luddite perspective or necessarily even a vintage-purist kind of thing. It's simply a recognition that unlike almost all other mid-'50s designs, the Stratocaster has stood the test time, even in a field of music that has seen revolutions come and go. That's the enduring quality of the Fender Stratocaster. It is a direct connection to your head and your heart...” – Justin Norvell, VP Product Marketing, Fender Musical Instrument Company
  • “There is a sacred geometry to everything, including making guitars.” – from the Foreword by Eric Johnson

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