¡Aprende Ya! – A Tocar Guitarra Music Sales America DVD

¡Aprende Ya! – A Tocar Guitarra Music Sales America DVD

  • Music Sales America
  • Music Sales America
  • DVD
  • Ed Lozano, Juancho Herrera
  • $14.99 (US)

Learn the guitar through playing music from the tradition and the songs of your culture. This DVD has been exclusively designed for people from both Latin America and Spain. The tutorial guides you through a beginner guitar lesson in a step-by-step manner. This method has been designed with the specific needs of the Spanish-speaking audience in mind. Award-winning educator Juancho Herrera supplements each lesson with expert demonstrations and a host of Latin American folk songs. Topics include: posture, hands position, notation, dynamics, expression marks, accidentals, and much more. Authored for Zone 0. Language: Spanish


  • Guitar

Product Details

  • #HL 14001997
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  • OV12133
  • 5.5"
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