String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima) Music Sales America

String Quartet No. 3 (Mishima) Music Sales America

  • Music Sales America
  • Music Sales America
  • Score
  • Philip Glass
  • $35.95 (US)

Mishima String Quartet (String Quartet No.3) originally appeared as parts of the film score for Mishima by film maker Paul Schrader. The film follows a complex narrative structure which divides the life of this famous contemporary Japanese novelist into 3 parts – his childhood, his mature years and the last day of his life. These subjects were intercut to produce a shifting kaleidoscopic vision of Mishima's life. The scenes of his childhood were filmed in black and white and scored for string quartet. An excellent contemporary string quartet by the innovative Philip Glass.


  • String Quartet

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  • #HL 14012800
  • 9780711976443
  • 884088478285
  • DU10033
  • 9.0"
  • 12.0"
  • 24 Pages

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