A New Tune a Day for Clarinet Omnibus Edition Music Sales America Softcover with CD

A New Tune a Day for Clarinet Omnibus Edition Music Sales America Softcover with CD

  • Music Sales America
  • Music Sales America
  • Softcover with CD
  • Ned Bennett
  • $26.99 (US)

This is made up of books 1 and 2, plus selections from the performance book. Since it first appeared in the 1930s, the concise, clear content of the best-selling <i>A Tune a Day</i> series has revolutionized music making in the classroom and the home. Now, for the first time, C. Paul Herfurth's original books have been completely rewritten with new music and the latest in instrumental technique for a new generation of musicians. The <i>A New Tune a Day</i> books have the same logical, gentle pace and keen attention to detail, but with a host of innovations: the inclusion of an audio CD, with actual performances and backing tracks, will make practice even more fun and exciting, and the explanatory diagrams and photographs will help the student to achieve the perfect technique and tone. This book contains: Advice on equipment; Instructions for an effective embouchure and a comfortable posture; Explanatory section on reading music; Easy-to-follow lessons on clear, uncluttered pages; Audio CDs with virtuoso performance, backing tracks, and audio examples; Great music including duets, rounds, and ensemble pieces; Tests to check progress and comprehension; Useful pull-out chart giving all fingerings; A selection of repertoire; and more.


  • Clarinet

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