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AirStrap360 for iPad AIR

AirStrap360 for iPad AIR

Series: Griffin Manufacturer: Griffin Technology

AirStrap 360 is the case with the built-in hand strap that makes holding and using your iPad Air more secure and more comfortable, even one-handed. AirStrap 360 surrounds your iPad, protecting its edges without getting in the way of controls or ports. The frame that grips your iPad rotates in 30-degree intervals, to give you the best viewing angle with the most natural position of your hand. Slip your hand under the strap on the back to experience the real beauty of AirStrap 360. It hugs your hand, gently but firmly, making your iPad easy to hold and leaving your other hand free to use your Multi-Touch display. Whether you're reading in a coffee shop, or checking out the headlines as you ride the 6:45 in to work, AirStrap 360 makes it easier, safer, and more fun to use your iPad Air.

$39.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00141815 UPC: 685387405718 Manufacturer Code: GB39053-2 Width: 7.0" Length: 9.75"

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