Into the Woods Vocal Selections from the Disney Movie Vocal Piano Softcover

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Into the Woods Vocal Selections from the Disney Movie Vocal Piano Softcover

  • Vocal Piano
  • Softcover
  • Stephen Sondheim
  • $26.99 (US)

Debuting on Christmas Day 2014, Sondheim's Into the Woods is now being introduced to a new generation of fans in this Disney movie adaptation of the Broadway musical that puts a new twist on familiar fairy tales. Our songbook features 14 songs from the soundtrack for voice with piano accompaniment plus 8 pages of color artwork from the film. Songs include: Agony • Children Will Listen • Giants in the Sky • Hello Little Girl • It Takes Two • Last Midnight • Moments in the Woods • On the Steps of the Palace • Stay with Me • and more. Includes color artwork from the film!

Song List

  • Agony (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Any Moment - Part I (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Children Will Listen (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Giants In The Sky (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Hello Little Girl (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • I Know Things Now (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Into The Woods (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • It Takes Two (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Last Midnight (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • Moments In The Woods (Film Version) (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • No One Is Alone - Part II (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • On The Steps Of The Palace (from INTO THE WOODS)
  • She'll Be Back (from the film INTO THE WOODS)
  • Stay With Me (from INTO THE WOODS)

Download the Digital Sheet Music for Into the Woods.


  • Vocal

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  • 9.0"
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  • 104 Pages

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