HAJA: Classroom Kit ExpressiveArts

HAJA: Classroom Kit ExpressiveArts

“I want to see you flap flap flap your wings, and drum drum drum your heartbeat...” even your littlest rhythm-makers will song, clap, dance and cheer as Haja (AH-ja) learns to fly! Kid-tested and teacher-approved ... Musical Tales for Modern Minds' HAJA TEACHING GUIDE offers step-by-step multicultural lesson plans and student hands-on learning activities. Aligned to our national core curriculum standards for young learners to develop their multiple intelligences and creative expression, this Guide provides ways to engage with music-making, language arts and multi-sensory experiences. Through the story of Haja, The Bird Who was Afraid to Fly and the companion song “Fly Haja Fly”, students can identify with Haja's transformation as she overcomes her fear. They'll take her example of success to heart as she builds her confidence, gaining self-awareness and determination. Young students will explore and practice learning sounds and rhythms, and identifying colors and patterns. The guide also offers an interdisciplinary introduction to West African instruments, designs, food and more. Suggested for ages 4-7. “Today's lesson was a huge success! The kids loved it! They loved the story, song, drumming.... everything. They wanted to listen to the song several times and on the way out I could hear them singing the chorus ...” (music educator, Wharton Elementary, Lancaster PA) The Classroom Kit includes Haja hardcover storybook/listening CD and teaching guide.


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