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Accidentally Like a Martyr

The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon

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Accidentally Like a Martyr

The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon

Series: Book Publisher: Backbeat Books Format: Softcover Author: James Campion

Warren Zevon songs are like chapters in a great American novel. Its story lies in the heart of his – and our – psyche. The lines are blurred. We never seem to know if we are looking in a mirror or peering through a window; we only know that when we listen we see something. The music sets the scene – his voice a striking baritone, its narrator our guide through a labyrinth of harrowing narratives. The plot unfolds without subtlety; each musical and lyrical arc awakens imagination.

In Accidentally Like a Martyr: The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon, music journalist James Campion presents 13 essays on seminal Zevon songs and albums that provide context to the themes, inspirations, and influence of one of America's most literate songwriters. In-depth interviews with Zevon's friends and colleagues provide first-person accounts of how the music was lived, composed, recorded, and performed.

Longtime fans of this most uniquely tortured artist, as well as those who want to discover his work for the first time, will get inside the mind, talent, and legacy of the wildly passionate Excitable Boy.

$24.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00201861 ISBN: 9781617136726 UPC: 888680655198 Width: 6.0" Length: 9.0" 290 pages


  • “Campion's adoring book will speak mostly to Zevon's fans, and will encourage them to listen to his music anew.” – Publishers Weekly
  • “Here, music journo Campion uses 10 individual songs and three albums as the subjects of elongated essays on Zevon's music, but that's something of a misnomer. Through original interviews, archival quotes, and his own analysis, the book covers far more of Zevon's catalog and life story than just passing mentions.” – Houston Press

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