The Complete Guide to the Gibson Mandolins Book Softcover

The Complete Guide to the Gibson Mandolins Book Softcover

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  • Softcover
  • Paul Fox
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The Complete Guide to the Gibson Mandolins is a definitive source of information about the company that defined the modern mandolin. From the very beginning when Orville H. Gibson built the first carved-top instruments in the 19th Century to the instruments still being made by Gibson today, this book is a complete guide to the vast array of instruments the company produced in the mandolin family, including historical documentation, images, illustrations, detailed descriptions, photos and rare examples of existing instruments from sources around the world. In addition to all the information on these incredible instruments, this book also reveals some of the secrets behind many of the proprietary construction techniques used by Gibson throughout the decades. Many years of research have culminated in instrument histories that are well-documented, comprehensive and complete.


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  • “It's a compelling story – how one company's instruments came to dominate an entire genre of American instruments – and Paul Fox tells it with a thorough chronicle of Gibson's models.” – Water Carter

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