Guitar Pro 7 Tablature Editor Software Software Boxed Software

Guitar Pro 7 Tablature Editor Software Software Boxed Software

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Guitar Pro 7 is a major upgrade of the world's most popular tablature and sheet music editor for guitarists. The enhancements will make Guitar Pro smarter and more helpful than ever. This new version is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. The enhanced editing features include the possibility of displaying all of the instrumental tracks as guitar tablature, the addition of new music-notation symbols, and improved management of file-importing and exporting. The graphical user interface and audio mastering have been re-designed for ever greater intuitiveness and ease-of-use.

Features include:

• Editing professional-looking scores

You can edit the notes directly on the standard score or on the tablature. All the usual musical symbols pertaining to the guitar and to other stringed instruments are available.

• Reading music scores & tabs

Guitar Pro users can play back, listen to and view any scores, to write music or learn how to play new songs.

• Tools that simplify songwriting

Our chord/scale generator, lyrics editor, polyphonic tuner, and virtual instruments (guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums) are included for composing musicians.

• Audio mixing

The audio engine offers more than 100 world-class licensed soundbanks (realistic instrument sounds), pedals and amps. It allows the user to customize the sounds of their files as they wish.

• Sharing and printing files

Guitar Pro makes it easy to print, e-mail scores, or save them onto an external drive at any time. Many import and export formats are supported (MIDI, MusicXML, ASCII, TablEdit, PowerTab, PDF).

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