William Bolcom: Theatrical Songs Medium/Low Voice E.B. Marks Softcover

William Bolcom: Theatrical Songs Medium/Low Voice E.B. Marks Softcover

  • E.B. Marks
  • Edward B. Marks Music Company
  • Softcover
  • William Bolcom
  • $24.99 (US)

51 songs, including music from Casino Paradise, Dynamite Tonite, Greatshot, The Wind in the Willows, Ancient Cabaret, Minicabs, Songs to Dance, and songs not from a show, set, or cycle (“Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise” and more). With notes on the songs, manuscript facsimiles, and composer comments. Includes several first editions and first-time transpositions.

There are different songlists for the High Voice and Medium/Low Voice editions.

“There are excellent notes by the composer on all of the songs detailing their genesis and background and setting the scenes for those from shows. Some of the songs received a premiere performance, and some were composed for shows that 'never got off the ground,' as the composer says...'The Last Days of Mankind' is a song composed for a project discussed but apparently never set in motion. It is a setting of a terrifying war poem by Frank McGuinness that takes the form of a death march in C minor...In giddy contrast to the war poem is Bolcom's own 'Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise'...This collection of selected earlier songs of William Bolcom is a source for unusual material, much of which is theatrical in nature and some of which is more like art song. Singers looking for something different will find good material here.”--Journal of Singing

Song List

  • Anyone
  • Beware
  • The Bird's Song
  • Carol - Neighbors On This Frosty Tide
  • The Curse
  • Drive Me, Driver
  • An Encaustic Painting
  • The Fight Song
  • Finale: Mystery Of The Song?
  • Food Song #1
  • Food Song #2
  • For Everything
  • For Me
  • From Wandering
  • I Am Not Free
  • I Feel Good
  • I Have Climbed
  • I Remember
  • I Will Never Forgive You
  • I Wouldn't Die
  • I'll Be By
  • I'm His
  • If You Can Go Beyond
  • The Last Days Of Mankind
  • Let's Go Take A Spin Around The Moon
  • Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise
  • Maxim #1
  • Maxim #2
  • May I Feel
  • Messing About In Boats
  • My Father The Gangster
  • Night, Make My Day
  • Not Even A Haiku
  • On A Statue Of A Runner
  • People Change
  • Praxiteles' Aphrodite
  • The Rabbit
  • Rat's Song
  • River Song
  • The Same Thing (The Office Girl's Lament)
  • Since I Have
  • Songette
  • Tears At The Happy Hour
  • This Is A Face
  • Those
  • Timomarchus's Picture Of Medea, In Rome
  • Unlucky Eutichus
  • Vaslav's Song
  • When The Toad Came Home
  • When We Built The Church
  • The World Has Had Great Heroes


  • Medium/Low Voice
  • Piano Accompaniment

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