BT-200¦S Series – 2-Switch Wireless Foot Controller

BT-200¦S Series – 2-Switch Wireless Foot Controller

Series: AirTurn Manufacturer: AirTurn Format: General Merchandise

With a stompbox style, this wireless footswitch easily integrates with your pedalboard 9V supply and boasts durable road-ready construction and quiet steel switches for responsive feel but with little to no sound. Great for pedal board users! With the BT 200 series, you can: customize DAW & MIDI control; start and stop backing tracks and metronomes; cue audio, lighting & effects; turn pages, scroll yrics & tabs; capture video & photos; and more.

Features of all AirTurn Wireless Controller products include:

• Bluetooth 4 for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Mac

• Long life rechargeable battery 150+ hours

• Industry leading range 150+ ft

• Fully customizable switches with AirTurn Manager App

• Six default modes for Keystroke and MIDI commands

• Two pairing methods for solo or group performance

• Virtually indestructible construction: Made in USA

• Over-the-air updates

• 2-Year Warranty (with registration)

$89.00 (US) Inventory #HL 00281464 UPC: 753677825901 Manufacturer Code: BT200S-2 Width: 3.0" Length: 6.0"

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.