MultiZorber OC703DR

24 x 48 Coin Single Acoustic Panel

MultiZorber OC703DR

24 x 48 Coin Single Acoustic Panel

Series: GeerFab Acoustics Manufacturer: GeerFab Acoustics Format: General Merchandise

The groundbreaking MultiZorber OC703DR is the first time in retail history that a single acoustic product can be used in three ways; as a wall panel; as a ceiling-mounted cloud; and as a corner bass trap. Three products in one!

Features include:

• 2″ ¦ 3# Owen Corning 703 fiberglass board with nylon sailcloth on the back and Guilford FR701 fabric on the front

• Best-looking and lightest weight OC 703 product on the market – NO frames that add weight and decrease absorption

• D-Ring mounting system on the back allows for the easiest, least intrusive wall mounting of any acoustic panel, as well as corner and ceiling mounting

• NRC 1.05 against a wall or ceiling, even more as a free-standing baflle, cloud or trap

• Lightweight – less than 6 lbs.

$159.95 (US) Inventory #HL 00291186 UPC: 888680974909 Manufacturer Code: 703DRCN24484 Width: 24.0" Length: 48.0"

Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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