Steel Pier Vocal Selections

Steel Pier Vocal Selections

11 vocal selections from the 1997 Broadway musical: Rita's Theme • Willing to Ride • Second Chance • Dance with Me • The Last Girl • Everybody's Girl • Wet • Lovebird • Somebody Older • First You Dream • Steel Pier.

Song List

  • Dance With Me (from STEEL PIER)
  • Everybody's Girl (from STEEL PIER)
  • First You Dream (from STEEL PIER)
  • The Last Girl (from STEEL PIER)
  • Lovebird (from STEEL PIER)
  • Rita's Theme (from STEEL PIER)
  • Second Chance (from STEEL PIER)
  • Somebody Older (from STEEL PIER)
  • Steel Pier (from STEEL PIER)
  • Wet (from STEEL PIER)
  • Willing To Ride (from STEEL PIER)

Download the Digital Sheet Music for Steel Pier.


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