Follies – The Complete Collection Vocal Selections Vocal Selections

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Follies – The Complete Collection Vocal Selections Vocal Selections

This unprecedented collection contains all of the songs from Follies: from the 1971 Broadway production, the 1987 London revival, and the original production of this beloved Stephen Sondheim musical. Includes 34 songs in all, and a foreword by Sondheim himself! Includes: Ah, but Underneath • Ah, Paris! • All Things Bright and Beautiful • Beautiful Girls • Bring on the Girls • Broadway Baby • Buddy's Blues (The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues) • Can That Boy Foxtrot! • Could I Leave You? • Country House (1987) • Don't Look at Me • I'm Still Here • In Buddy's Eyes • It Wasn't Meant to Happen • Little White House/Who Could Be Blue? • Live, Laugh, Love • Losing My Mind • Loveland • Loveland (1987) • Make the Most of Your Music (1987) • One More Kiss • Pleasant Little Kingdom • Rain on the Roof • The Right Girl • The Road You Didn't Take • The Story of Lucy and Jessie • That Old Piano Roll • Too Many Mornings • Uptown, Downtown • Waiting for the Girls Upstairs • Who's That Woman? • The World's Full of Girls • You're Gonna Love Tomorrow/Love Will See Us Through.

Song List

  • Ah, But Underneath (from FOLLIES)
  • Ah, Paris! (from FOLLIES)
  • All Things Bright And Beautiful (from FOLLIES)
  • Beautiful Girls (from FOLLIES)
  • Bring On The Girls (from FOLLIES)
  • Broadway Baby (from FOLLIES)
  • Buddy's Blues (The God-Why-Don't-You-Love-Me Blues) (from FOLLIES)
  • Can That Boy Foxtrot! (from FOLLIES)
  • Could I Leave You? (from FOLLIES)
  • Country House (1987) (from FOLLIES)
  • Don't Look At Me
  • I'm Still Here (from FOLLIES)
  • In Buddy's Eyes (from FOLLIES)
  • It Wasn't Meant To Happen (from FOLLIES)
  • Little White House/Who Could Be Blue? (from FOLLIES)
  • Live, Laugh, Love (from FOLLIES)
  • Losing My Mind (from FOLLIES)
  • Love Will See Us Through (from FOLLIES)
  • Loveland (from FOLLIES)
  • Loveland (1987) (from FOLLIES)
  • Make The Most Of Your Music (1987) (from FOLLIES)
  • One More Kiss (from FOLLIES)
  • Pleasant Little Kingdom (from FOLLIES)
  • Rain On The Roof (from FOLLIES)
  • The Right Girl (from FOLLIES)
  • The Road You Didn't Take (from FOLLIES)
  • The Story Of Lucy And Jessie (from FOLLIES)
  • That Old Piano Roll (from FOLLIES)
  • Too Many Mornings (from FOLLIES)
  • Uptown, Downtown (from FOLLIES)
  • Waiting For The Girls Upstairs (from FOLLIES)
  • Who's That Woman? (from FOLLIES)
  • The World's Full Of Girls (from FOLLIES)
  • You're Gonna Love Tomorrow (from FOLLIES)

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  • Piano/Vocal/Guitar

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