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The Simpsons Songbook – 2nd Edition

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The Simpsons Songbook – 2nd Edition

Series: Piano/Vocal/Guitar Songbook Format: Softcover Composers: Danny Elfman, Alf Clausen

The longest-running animated primetime series in history and the longest-running comedy on television, “The Simpsons” is a cultural institution. This book contains 26 songs from the award-winning show, including the instantly recognizable theme song by Danny Elfman, and Emmy® Award-winning originals by Alf Clausen, such as “We Put the Spring in Springfield” and “You're Checkin' In.” It also features four new songs in print for the first time (“He's the Man,” “Ode to Branson,” “Testify” and “The Very Reason That I Live”), and eight pages of beautiful full-color artwork from the show!

  • The Amendment Song
  • Baby On Board
  • Bagged Me A Homer
  • A Boozehound Named Barney
  • Canyonero
  • Chimpan A To Chimpan Z
  • Cut Every Corner
  • Deep, Deep Trouble
  • Do The Bartman
  • Dr. Zaius
  • Hail To Thee, Kamp Krusty
  • Happy Just The Way We Are
  • He's The Man
  • “The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show” Theme
  • Minimum Wage Nanny
  • Ode To Branson
  • Senor Burns
  • Theme From The Simpsons
  • Talkin' Softball
  • Testify
  • The Very Reason That I Live
  • We Do
  • We Put The Spring In Springfield
  • Who Needs The Kwik-E Mart
  • You're Checkin' In
  • Your Wife Don't Understand You
  • Piano/Vocal/Guitar

$19.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00313332 ISBN: 9781423412298 UPC: 884088075859 Width: 9.0" Length: 12.0" 104 pages

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