Learn to Play the Drumset Instructional/Drum/DVD DVD

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Learn to Play the Drumset Instructional/Drum/DVD DVD

  • Instructional/Drum/DVD
  • Hal Leonard
  • DVD
  • Peter Magadini
  • $24.99 (US)

The perfect way to start a beginner on the entire drumset! This informative and descriptive DVD: takes you through the basics of four- and five-piece drum set-ups (and how to tune them); illustrates the grips and how to use the sticks; teaches the staff, time values, double strokes and counting; and much more. Using patterns drawn from a wide variety of musical styles, you'll learn how to play a drum fill, an open roll, a closed roll, flams, paradiddles, and single- and double-stroke combinations as they apply to the drumset. Includes an 8-page booklet with diagrams and other useful information. Use the DVD by itself or with Peter Magadini's Learn to Play the Drumset, Book 1.


  • Drums

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  • #HL 00320382
  • 9780634061752
  • 073999473681
  • 5.25"
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  • 0:44:00

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