The Violin in Motion DVD DVD

The Violin in Motion DVD DVD

Julie Lyonn Lieberman presents a much-requested 60-minute private lesson on video. Her unique approach challenges the age-old “do as I do,” & offers students a physiological basis for building effortless, fluid technique based on individual body type. Julie offers dozens of key technical tips as well as a ten-minute exercise program.


  • Violin

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  • “Ms. Lieberman is a very, very gifted teacher. She is also an excellent researcher and scholar. Her approach to playing and teaching healthy, is backed up by solid medical and kinesiological facts, and further supported by a true world view of philosophy and healing.”_- Janet Jensen, PH.D., Director, National String Workshop

    “I like this tape, and I think it is a valuable addition to our teaching literature. It is a good resource for teachers and their pupils.”_- STRINGS Magazine

    “This video can be a very helpful way to evaluate and improve the physical characteristics of your playing as well as make you more aware of your mind and body working as one.”_- Fiddler Magazine

    “Lieberman presents an ergonomic approach to playing violin and viola in this instructional video. Lieberman's goal is to help musicians create the most beautiful sounds imaginable as effortlessly as possible.”_- Music Educators Journal

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