Catalina Special Edition (CS2) Walnut - Maple Hybrid 5-Piece Shell Pack (22/12/14/16/14SN)

Walnut Burst

Catalina Special Edition (CS2) Walnut - Maple Hybrid 5-Piece Shell Pack (22/12/14/16/14SN)

Walnut Burst

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Series: Gretsch Import Manufacturer: Gretsch Drums Format: General Merchandise

The Gretsch Full Range family has added a new member with the development of the all-new CS2, Catalina Special Edition Kit.

The hybrid shell features 7ply Walnut/Maple construction, delivering a warm, resonant tone that's excellent for a variety of musical applications. The shell's natural wood interior is sealed to protect it for a lifetime and 30-degree bearing edges are applied, offering a punchy, focused sound. Each kit is fitted with satin wood counter hoops that are captured with vintage-style hoop clips. The mounting hardware includes a “gas cap” bass drum mount plate and a direct-to-shell mounts on the rack tom. The competitively priced set is only available for a limited time.

CS2 will only be available throughout 2020 with each drum's interior label specifying the year of production and species of wood.

Features include:

• 14 x 22 bass drum, 8 x 12 rack tom, 14 x 14 floor tom, 16 x 16 floor tom, 6.5 x 14 snare drum

7-ply walnut/maple hybrid shell

• Wood hoops & hoop clips on all rack, floor and snare drums

• Rack tom direc-to-shell mount

• 30-degree bearing edges

$1,999.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00324413 UPC: 647139548623 Manufacturer Code: CS2-R425-WB

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