The Perfect Wrong Note Learning to Trust Your Musical Self Amadeus Softcover

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The Perfect Wrong Note Learning to Trust Your Musical Self Amadeus Softcover

  • Amadeus
  • Amadeus Press
  • Softcover
  • William Westney
  • $25.00 (US)

In this groundbreaking book, prize-winning pianist and noted educator William Westney helps readers discover their own path to the natural, transcendent fulfillment of making music. Drawing on experience, psychological insight, and wisdom ancient and modern, Westney shows how to trust yourself and set your own musicality free. He offers healthy alternatives for lifelong learning and suggests significant change in the way music is taught. For example, playing a wrong note can be constructive, useful, even enlightening. The creator of the acclaimed Un-Master Class workshop also explores the special potential of group work, outlining the basics of his revelatory workshop that has transformed the music experience for participants the world over.

Practicing, in Westney's view, is a lively, honest, adventurous, and spiritually rewarding enterprise, and it can (and should) meet with daily success, which empowers us to grow even more. Teachers, professionals, and students of any instrument will benefit from this unique guide, which brings artistic vitality, freedom, and confidence within everyone's reach.

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  • 238 Pages


  • “Rewarding and refreshing ... Everyone will benefit from the call of William Westney's book ... dare to make and learn from mistakes, and 'get back in touch with your magical three-year-old self.'” –American Record Guide.

    “A well-thought-out and well-presented work on an approach to music instruction to which many aspire, but ... few attain.” –Library Journal

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