Steel String Supreme Guitar Effects Pedal Vertex Effects Guitar Pedal

Steel String Supreme Guitar Effects Pedal Vertex Effects Guitar Pedal

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  • Vertex Effects
  • Vertex Effects
  • Guitar Pedal
  • $212.49 (US)

When it comes to Mayer-style compressed clean and lead tones, the Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme – based on serial #001 of a legendary six-figure tube amp – is the only tone shaper you'll need in your arsenal. Whether you're front-ending a stage amp with the SSS's expanded all-analog preamp, feeding a little Texas sugar into your modeling device, or even running straight into a cab IR, this pedal is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Just like the amp it's named after, the Steel String Supreme is characterized by a fat, clean, compressed sound that absolutely marinates signals in tubelike harmonics as you ramp up the gain. The Supreme's active EQ and Bright/Deep + Rock/Jazz switches add new tone-shaping capabilities to this latest addition to the Steel String family. From subtle fattening and clean compression to full-on overdrive, the Vertex Effects Steel String Supreme is the next best thing to having a real-deal SSS in your rig.

Features include:

• Based on model #001 of an original run of legendary Dumble Steel String Singer

• A true amp in a box – sounds great even direct into a cab simulator/IR loader

• Inspiring touch sensitivity, warmth, and sparkle

• Versatile Gain and Level controls make this a capable clean boost or full-on overdrive

• Active EQ, Bright/Deep switch, and Rock/Jazz switch supply plenty of tone-shaping potential

• Rugged steel housing

• Authentic D-style labels & aesthetics

• True bypass on/off switching of both Steel String & Supreme channels

• Designed & Assembled in Los Angeles, California

Product Details

  • #HL 00364306
  • 793565142789
  • SSS
  • 3.5"
  • 5.25"

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