Dynamic Distortion

Guitar Effects Pedal

Dynamic Distortion

Guitar Effects Pedal

Series: Vertex Effects Manufacturer: Vertex Effects Format: General Merchandise

The Dynamic Distortion is a sonic hybrid of the two most iconic distortion pedals in rock & roll history, the Germanium Fuzz of the '60s and the TS Overdrive of the '80s. This legendary combo provides unmatched touch sensitivity and clean-up with your guitar volume knob from sparkley cleans, to overdrive, to fuzz, while providing the mid-range cut of a classic TS pedal and the full-bodied woolliness of a vintage Fuzz. The Dynamic Distortion has all the advantages of combining the tonal DNA of these historic pedals (TS & Fuzz) with none of the drawbacks: use a buffer before or after the the pedal with ZERO compromise in sound, get classic Fuzz tones that always cuts through the mix (most fuzzes get lost in the mix), get the full sweep of your Wah pedal with Dynamic Distortion set for Fuzz (impossible with vintage fuzz), and get the perfect mid-range Overdrive tone with plenty of low-end fatness and note bloom. With the thin/fat knob, the Dynamic Distortion offers an assortment of tones ranging from a robust classic British 4x12 sound to a treble-heavy RAT-style distortion. With the Dynamic Distortion, you can dial in legendary sounds or use its ultra-responsive controls to produce your own unique distortion tones.

Features include:

• 250 piece limited edition

• Combines SD-9, RAT, and Fuzz tone stacks

• True Bypass

• Assembled in California

• 9VDC power operation (adapter not included)

$199.99 (US) Inventory #HL 00364314 UPC: 748252632456 Manufacturer Code: DD Width: 5.5" Length: 4.25"

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