Infinite Reception Per Norgard and His Music Misc Softcover

Infinite Reception Per Norgard and His Music Misc Softcover

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  • Misc
  • Edition Wilhelm Hansen
  • Softcover
  • Leif Thomsen
  • $32.99 (US)

This book attempts to give an overview of the works of Per Nørgård and examines the relationship between his musical thought and the corresponding completed compositions. Some works are examined in detail while others are only briefly mentioned - and always with the question in mind: Where can an educated listener find written information on the available recorded works? To this purpose, much of the written material about Nørgård's music and many CD recordings to this date have been researched. Many grateful thanks to all authors who contributed in one way or another to this book.

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  • #HL 00373570
  • 9781705149799
  • 196288016441
  • WH30972
  • 260 Pages

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