Voices of the Sky MusicWorks Grade 3

Voices of the Sky MusicWorks Grade 3

  • MusicWorks Grade 3
  • Score
  • Samuel R. Hazo
  • $10.00 (US)
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Our sky is never the same – from day to day or even hour to hour. It holds the brightest and darkest things we will ever see, and in addition is capable of displaying every imaginable color and mood. Through this expressive work, Samuel Hazo has translated the many qualities of the sky into musical moods. The opening section features flowing melodies beautifully developed between soloistic and full ensemble playing. The “sinister” fast section features driving rhythms, mixed meters and a crescendo that evolves into a powerful setting of the original melody. Sam's sense of timing and emotional pacing is strongly evident in this effective work. (5:45)

Song List

  • Bolero
  • Fantasy On A Japanese Folk Song
  • Festa Mexicana
  • A Glorious Day
  • The Harmonious Blacksmith
  • Landmark Overture
  • Our Kingsland Spring
  • Palestrina Suite
  • Pilgrim Traveler
  • Rising Star
  • Rumble On The High Plains
  • Southern Folk Rhapsody
  • Suite Of Old American Dances
  • Voices Of The Sky

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