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Six Silly Geese

Early Elementary Level

Six Silly Geese

Early Elementary Level

Series: Willis Publisher: Willis Music Composer: Carolyn C. Setliff

Piano Level: Early Elementary

Description: Six Silly Geese is written in the C position, with accidentals in the B section, giving it a modal sound. This happy little melody uses eighth, quarter, and half notes. The text will help the students with the rhythm.

Purpose: This piece tells a story through music. Hands play together in the A section only on repeated notes. In the B section, the harmony changes to Phrygian mode with the flatting of D and E. Staccatos, accents and hand crossings add interest. Students will be playing in several different octaves.

Suggestions for Instruction: Tap the rhythm on knees or fallboard before playing, saying or singing the words. Have the student find all the groups of two black notes that they will be playing. Play m. 24 in the air several times before trying to play it hands together.

Other Information:

There are several geese living at the pond in my neighborhood. More than once motorists have encountered them crossing the street in a single line, moving very slowly. They are never in a hurry, although we often are! Even a honking horn cannot make them move faster!

Key: C Major

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