Jericho Grade 3 - Score Only Curnow Music Concert Band

Jericho Grade 3 - Score Only Curnow Music Concert Band

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  • Curnow Music Concert Band
  • Curnow Music
  • William Himes
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Jericho is a musical translation of the story in Joshua about the Israelites' capture of that city. Part 1, describing a cruel journey through the desert to the promised land (Canaan), is an emotional lamentation of yearning for a home, and for the end of a roaming existence. The capture of Jericho is the theme of Part 2; the city cannot be captured immediately and Jehovah orders an impressive army to march around the city for six days. On the seventh day, they march around the city seven times, the priests blow their trumpets, and the people's cry is so loud that the walls of Jericho tumble down - whereupon the Israelites storm the city and drive the inhabitants away.

In Part 3, a majestic melody evokes the triumphant emotions that emerge as the fortified city falls. The scene ultimately ends in a grand feast (Part 4) in which virtuosic melodies and passionate rhythms refer to traditional Jewish music. Representations of all of the themes are repeated in this last section, often simultaneous and in dueling counterpoint. The piece ends with fragments of the main theme from Part 1, now set in the major mode: peace and quiet return at last.


  • Concert Band

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