Histories for Saxophone and Piano Leduc

Histories for Saxophone and Piano Leduc

Composed between 1920 and 1921, Stories is a suite of ten short movements by Jacques Ibert (1890-1962), a neoclassical composer who won the Prix de Rome in 1919. Initially written for piano only and later arranged for saxophone and piano, this publication was commissioned by Alphonse Leduc editor and increased Jacques Ibert's popularity. The ten pieces are as follows: 1. La meneuse de tortures d'or (The golden Turtles leader) 2. Le petit âne blanc (The little white donkey) 3. Le vieux mendicant (The old beggar) 4.A Giddy girl 5. Dans la maison triste (In the sad house) 6. Le palais abandonné (The abandoned palace) 7. Bajo la mesa (Under the table) 8. La cage de cristal (The crystal cage) 9. La marchande deau fraiche (The fresh water merchant) 10. Le cortège de Balkis (Balkis march) Jacques Ibert (1890-1962) also composed many symphonic suites, operas and seven orchestras, including Angelique (1926) and Divertissement (1930). He also was in charge of the French Academy in the Villa Médicis (Roma) and was later administrator for the Paris Opera.


  • Alto Saxophone

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