Trompetunia (trumpet And Piano) Leduc Softcover

Trompetunia (trumpet And Piano) Leduc Softcover

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  • Leduc
  • Alphonse Leduc
  • Softcover
  • Trumpet
  • Roger Boutry
  • $19.99 (US)

“Composed by Roger Boutry, Trompetunia is a piece for C or Bb Trumpet and Piano accompaniment. Quite difficult, it is ideal for upper-intermediate levels and above. Starting with an introduction Allegro, this melodious piece is divided into three main parts: Andantino, Allegro Vivace and Allegretto. The first part features a Cadenza, while the second, more lyrical, includes some sections with the sourdine. The last part is more syncopated and more rhythmic before the harmonious finale. Born in France in 1932, Roger Boutry received numerous prizes, including those for Piano, Composition and Conducting. He received the Grand Prix de Rome in 1954. His career was quite successful, alternating between Harmony professor, composer and conductor. He also received numerous prizes for his amazing compositions.”


  • Trumpet

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