Iie Concerto Pour Trompette Pour Trompette Et Piano Leduc CD

Iie Concerto Pour Trompette Pour Trompette Et Piano Leduc CD

  • Leduc
  • Alphonse Leduc
  • CD
  • trumpet & piano
  • André Jolivet
  • $50.70 (US)

“André Jolivet (1905-1974) established his love for composition from a young age. This remained throughout his life, and he held the post of Professor of Composition from 1966-1970 at Paris Conservatoire. Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet was composed in 1955, and remains highly regarded. Jolivet, himself a cellist, wished to explore composition for all instruments and therefore has a considerable number of works in all fields. The composer's style is also known for its spirituality, and the desire to associate the everyday with the magical, and the human with the universal. Jolivet draws on acoustics and atonality, as heard in Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet. The piece requires high, virtuosic skills due to its expansive use of extended techniques. For all advanced trumpeters, Jolivet provides an exciting, different piece for the instrument's repertoire.”

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  • #HL 48187808
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  • HE31676
  • 9.0"
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  • 30 Pages

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