Sonata in C Minor, Op. 2 Harp Solo Schott

Sonata in C Minor, Op. 2 Harp Solo Schott

Sophia Giustani Dussek's Opus 2 consists of two books of three sonatas each for the harp. The Sonata in C Minor appears in the first book, published by Pleyel in Paris in 1796. In the Pleyel edition, the composer's first name was not mentioned, so the sonatas were falsely ascribed to Johann Ludwig Dussek, who was quite well known in Paris at this time (cf. RISM, D 4605). In the “Thematic index of the works of J.L. Dussek” by Howard Craw, Opus 2 is given as a set of 4 violin sonatas. An edition of the harp sonatas published by Corri, Dussek & Co. in London and Edinburgh is ascribed to Sophia Dussek (cf. RISM, D 4649). This new edition of the sonata published by Schott has been corrected.


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