Music for Children Volume 2: Major – Drone Bass-Triads Schott

Music for Children Volume 2: Major – Drone Bass-Triads Schott

Carl Orff devoted much of his life to music for children. His pioneering work continues under the guidance of teachers and educators in many countries. The five basic German volumes of “Music for Children” by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman were published between 1950 and 1954. The considerable growth of Orff-Schulwerk in the United States led to the publication of the American Edition (1977) to satisfy the requirements of a different educational system and national heritage. Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching. Contents of this second volume: Songs and pieces using the full major scale. Accompaniments are founded on drone bass with the later addition of simple chords. With Six Notes: Sleep, baby, sleep • Seven little instrumental pieces • Cradle song “Hush ye my bairnie” • Twelve little ostinato pieces • Ostinati for glockenspiel • Dance, lassie do • Mary, Helen, Caroline • Two pieces for dancing • A farmer went trotting • Bear dance • Fabian, Sebastian • With Seven Notes: Simple Simon, Ten little ostinato pieces • Three blind mice • Two early English poems: O my deir hert • Gratitude • Three pieces for glockenspiel • Dormi Jesu, mater ridet • Proverbs and sayings • O hush thee, my babie • Night • Three pieces for recorders • Five fools in a barrow • Fools' dance • The Tonic And Supertonic Triads: Girls and boys come out to play • I saw three ships come sailing by • Sumer is icumen in • Instrumental piece • Four little pieces for dancing • Ostinati • King Herod and the cock • Two instrumental pieces • The Tonic And Submediant Triads: Song for Good Friday • 3 pieces for recorder and percussion • Ostinati for glockenspiel • Gloria


  • Orff Instruments
  • Percussion
  • Recorder
  • Vocal
  • Voice

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