Music for Children/Murray Ed. Volume 4: Minor – Drone Bass-Triads Schott

Music for Children/Murray Ed. Volume 4: Minor – Drone Bass-Triads Schott

Carl Orff devoted much of his life to music for children. His pioneering work continues under the guidance of teachers and educators in many countries. The five basic German volumes of “Music for Children” by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman were published between 1950 and 1954. The considerable growth of Orff-Schulwerk in the United States led to the publication of the American Edition (1977) to satisfy the requirements of a different educational system and national heritage. Music for Children is a stimulating source of material for music teaching. Contents of this fourth volume: Songs and pieces using the full range of the Aeolian, Dorian and Phrygian modes. Accompaniments are founded on drone bass with the later addition of simple chords. Aeolian: King Herold and the cock • Short pieces for barred percussion instruments • Ostinato exercises for barred instruments • Evening red and morning grey • More sayings • Pieces to be played on all types of instruments • Weather sayings • The keys of Canterbury • Pieces for recorder • Deux chansons: J'ai vu le loup, le renard, le lièvre • C'était Anne de Bretagne • Marmotte • Two pieces • Gjeite Lok-Norwegian goatherd's song • Piece for recorders • Amor, amor • The bridge • The nightjar • The cuckoo's fallen to his death • A babe is born • Dorian: Connemara lullaby • Short pieces for barred instruments • Pieces for recorders • Joyous Easter hymn • Pastorals • C'est le mai • Dance • From the Song of Solomon • There is no rose of such virtue • Two prayers: For himility • Evening pryer • Yonder sits a fair young damsel • Dance • The virgin unspottes • Phrygian: Mother, oh Mother, so hungry am I • Melodies for singing to a xylophone accompaniment • For recorder and drum • Evening pryer • Three dances • Mary at the Cross • Ascension • The Tonic And Leading Note Triads: What shall we do with the drunken sailor? • Pieces for barred instruments • Ostinato pieces • When Mary thro' the garden went • Malcolm Laddie • Dance • The fair lady • The Tonic, Mediant And Other Triads: Instrumental piece • The jolly ploughboy • Piece • Studies in triads (for recorders or other instruments) • Decoration of the third • The heaby clouds are blown this was • Ostinato pieces • Three angels are singing • The coasts of high Barbary


  • Orff Instruments
  • Percussion
  • Voice

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