Trakl-Träume Meditationen Schott

Trakl-Träume Meditationen Schott

  • Schott
  • Schott
  • Enjott Schneider
  • $28.99 (US)

The output of this versatile musician encompasses a multitude of styles from “classical” avant-garde to pop, thanks to his wide-ranging activities as composer, performer, writer and teacher.

Schneider's “Trakl-Träume” (Trakl-Dreams) are an example of the reciprocal interplay of music and poetry, similar to his “4 Poems after Hermann Hesse” and song cycle based on Eichendorff's “Schläft ein Lied in allen Dingen”. The composer is inspired by the poetry to strive for new tonal and formal constructs, but he also tries to deepen and the fleeting images and give them permanence by musical means in order to tempt the listener to pause and contemplate.


  • Low Voice
  • Piano

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  • 073999328677
  • ED9512
  • 8.25"
  • 11.75"
  • 29 Pages

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