Pavane Alto Saxophone and Organ Woodwind Softcover

Pavane Alto Saxophone and Organ Woodwind Softcover

  • Woodwind
  • Softcover
  • Enjott Schneider
  • $20.99 (US)

'Pavane' for alto saxophone (or clarinet in B-flat or trumpet in B-flat) and organ. Literature for alto saxophone and organ is rare. In his piece, composer Enjott Schneider examines a theme from the 16th century: The Catalan composer and vihuela player Luis de Milán (1500-1561) is one of the most important composers of the Spanisch Renaissance. His collection 'El Maestro' from 1536 was the first publication of vihuela music in music history, the vihuela being an archetype of the guitar. The six pavans contained therein embody the ceremonial processional dance.


  • Alto Saxophone
  • Organ

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  • 24 Pages

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