Anthology of Sacred Song – Volume 1 Soprano Vocal Collection

Anthology of Sacred Song – Volume 1 Soprano Vocal Collection

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  • G. Schirmer, Inc.
  • Various
  • Max Spicker
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Contents: Bach: My heart ever faithful • Sighing, weeping, sorrow, need – Beethoven: What sorrow pierceth the righteous David's heart?..Praise ye Jehovah's goodness – Benedict: I mourn as a dove – Blumner: Unfaithful heart!..Thou sittest on Thy judgment-seat – Costa: Open unto me the gates of righteousness..I will extol Thee, O Lord! – Cowen: O peaceful night!..Say, what dost thou bear in the secret deep? – Gaul: These are they, which came out of great tribulation • Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear – Handel: Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion! • How beautiful are the feet • Come unto Him, all ye that labor • I know that my Redemmer liveth • Subtle Love, with fancy viewing • My father! Ah! me-thinks I see • Ye sacred priests..Farewell, ye limpid springs and floods • Oh! had I Jubal's lyre • Pious orgies, pious airs • The soft complaining flute • Let the bright Seraphim • I know the pangs that cleave the bleeding heart..Beneath the cypress' gloomy shade – Haydn: And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass.. With verdure clad the fields appear • And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly..On mighty pens uplifted soars • O welcome now, ye groves and bowr's..O how pleasing to the senses – Hiller: Hail, David, our deliv'rer!..They fled, the gloomy powers – Lange: How beautiful are Thy dwellings, O Lord – Massenet: 'Tis in vain that I seek a retreat..'Twas even here those words were spoken – Mendelssohn: Hear Ye, Israel! Hear what the Lord speaketh • Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Thou that killest the prophets – Mercadante: Thousands of sins oppress me – Molique: I will extol Thee, my God – Parry: I will sing unto the Lord a new song – Pugno: Yea, mystery supreme by the tomb is concealed..Thou, to Whom Galilee kneeleth – Reinthaler: Why art thou cast down, O my soul? – Rubinstein: Tho' all triumphant the heav'nly powers – Spohr: Hast Thou for me a look, a thought?..When this scene of trouble closes – Sullivan: My Redeemer and my Lord • Where have they laid Him?..Lord, why hidest Thou Thy face? – C.M. von Weber: Yet not alone of labor comes our plenty..Then does mem'ry turn to days • The gracious Father hears us when we call..Once more we see the good by God provided.

Song List

  • Auf Starkem Fittige (On Mighty Pens)
  • Beneath The Cypress'(Handel)
  • Come Unto Him (Handel)
  • Farewell, Ye Limpid Springs (Handel)
  • Hear Ye, Israel! (Hore Israel)
  • How Beautif.R Dwellings(Lange)
  • How Beautiful Are Feet (Handel)
  • I Know Redeemer Liveth (Handel)
  • I Mourn As A Dove
  • I Will Extol Thee God (Molique)
  • I Will Extol Thee, O Lord
  • I Will Sing Unto The Lrd(Parry)
  • Jerusalem Thou Killest Prophets (Mendelssohn)
  • Let The Bright Seraphim
  • Lord,Why Hidest Thou (Sullivan)
  • My Father!ah!methinks(Handel)
  • My Heart Ever Faithful
  • My Redeemer &Lord(Sullivan)
  • Nun Beut Die Flur (With Verdure Clad)
  • O How Pleasing Ye Groves (Haydn)
  • Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre
  • Once More We See The Good(Weber)
  • Pious Orgies,Pious Airs(Handel)
  • Praise Ye Jehovah's G.(Beethoven
  • Rejoice Greatly Daughter(Handel)
  • Say,What Dost Thou Bear (Cowen)
  • Sighing, Weeping, Sorrow
  • Soft Complaining Flute (Handel)
  • Subtle Love,With Fancy V(Handel)
  • Sun Of My Soul Thou Savior(Gaul)
  • Then Does Mem'ry Turn (Weber)
  • These Are They Which Came(Gaul)
  • They Fled,The Gloomy Po(Hiller)
  • Tho'all Triumphant (Rubenstein)
  • Thou Sittest On Jud.Seat(Blumner
  • Thou,To Whm Galilee Kneel(Pugno)
  • Thous.Of Sins Oppress(Mercadante
  • Twas Even Here Th.Wrds(Massenet)
  • When This Scene Of Trbl(Spohr)
  • Why Art Thou Cast Dn.(Reinthaler


  • Piano
  • Vocal

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