Sonate per Clavicembalo Volume 7 Critical Edition Sonatas for Harpsichord Piano Collection

Sonate per Clavicembalo Volume 7 Critical Edition Sonatas for Harpsichord Piano Collection

This critical edition of all the sonatas of Domenico Scarlatti is justified by the necessity of offering performers and scholars a text which is philologically faithful to the author's intentions (in so far as this can be reconstructed through a comparative study of the surviving printed and manuscript sources) and which is presented as authentically as possible, free from editorial interference or suggestions for performance or interpretation.

The study of musicology and especially of the performing traditions of baroque music has advanced considerably since Alessandro Longo achieved the mammoth task of publishing the entire corpus of Scarlatti's sonatas for the first time, and today we can deal with problems of text and interpretation with a surer and deeper methodological awareness; all of these will be adequately treated in the Appendix to this edition, which will contain also a general thematic catalog of the complete sonatas.

Song List

  • SONATA L102 K423
  • SONATA L109 K436
  • SONATA L110 K396
  • SONATA L125 K413
  • SONATA L128 K426
  • SONATA L131 K428
  • SONATA L132 K429
  • SONATA L149 K416
  • SONATA L150 K409
  • SONATA L182 K412
  • SONATA L208 K397
  • SONATA L213 K400
  • SONATA L218 K398
  • SONATA L222 K404
  • SONATA L234 K390
  • SONATA L243 K451
  • SONATA L246 K392
  • SONATA L252 K421
  • SONATA L26 K418
  • SONATA L274 K399
  • SONATA L275 K394
  • SONATA L278 K437
  • SONATA L279 K419
  • SONATA L286 K427
  • SONATA L288 K432
  • SONATA L289 K424
  • SONATA L294 K447
  • SONATA L310 K414
  • SONATA L319 K442
  • SONATA L333 K425
  • SONATA L338 K450
  • SONATA L343 K434
  • SONATA L346 K408
  • SONATA L361 K435
  • SONATA L365 K401
  • SONATA L381 K438
  • SONATA L385 K445
  • SONATA L414 K388
  • SONATA L418 K443
  • SONATA L420 K444
  • SONATA L427 K402
  • SONATA L43 K405
  • SONATA L433 K446
  • SONATA L444 K449
  • SONATA L451 K422
  • SONATA L453 K433
  • SONATA L462 K417
  • SONATA L463 K430
  • SONATA L47 K439
  • SONATA L470 K403
  • SONATA L482 K389
  • SONATA L485 K448
  • SONATA L5 K406
  • SONATA L65 K395
  • SONATA L69 K411
  • SONATA L74 K393
  • SONATA L79 K391
  • SONATA L83 K431
  • SONATA L97 K440
  • SONATA LSUP11 K415
  • SONATA LSUP39 K441
  • SONATA LSUP43 K410


  • Piano

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