Mélodies et Chansons Voice and Piano Vocal Collection

Mélodies et Chansons Voice and Piano Vocal Collection

  • Vocal Collection
  • Editions Salabert
  • Federico Mompou
  • $29.95 (US)

In his piano works, Mompou showed himself to be a master of exquisite minature with a haunting intimacy. These qualities are no less true of his songs, which are relatively unknown. This beautiful, lyric music is in rather a 20th-century “salon” style, reminding the listener occasionally of Poulenc. 22 songs are included. Songs in French and Canadian.

Song List

  • Aureana Do Sil (Mompou F)
  • Canco De La Fira (Mompou F)
  • Cantar Del Alma (Mompou F)
  • Combat Del Somni (Mompou F)
  • Deux Melodies (Mompou F)
  • Fes Me La Vida Transparent (Mompou F)
  • Le Nuage (Mompou F)
  • Paisajes (Mompou F)
  • Primeros Pasos (Mompou F)
  • Quatre Melodies (Mompou F)
  • Trois Comptines (1-2-3) Mompou F
  • Trois Comptines (4-5-6) Mompou F


  • Piano
  • Vocal

Product Details

  • #HL 50488478
  • 073999168426
  • SLB2567
  • 8.25"
  • 11.75"
  • 63 Pages

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