The Wishing Well G. Schirmer Band/Orchestra Softcover

The Wishing Well G. Schirmer Band/Orchestra Softcover

  • G. Schirmer Band/Orchestra
  • G. Schirmer, Inc.
  • Softcover
  • Full Score
  • Rossano Galante
  • $7.50 (US)
  • 3.5

The Wishing Well paints a musical portrait of a young child approaching a well and making a wish. The music ebbs and flows, utilizing solo instruments as well as the full ensemble, describing the water at the bottom of the well. Reaching the climax of the piece, the main theme is stated as the child tosses a coin into the well, and we follow its path down to the water. Delicate melodies and warm harmonies capture the essence of the child's wish, and the hope that it will be granted. (Grade 3.5) Dur: 4:30


  • Concert Band

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