Stanze Original Version for Harp Ricordi Softcover

Stanze Original Version for Harp Ricordi Softcover

  • Ricordi
  • Ricordi
  • Softcover
  • Ludovico Einaudi
  • $20.99 (US)

Milan, 1990

I was writing a series of piano pieces.

I had a goal: to remove, and leave space.

The title refers to the poetic stanzas but also to invisible spaces to be inhabited with the mind.

One day my friend Cecilia Chailly calls me and asks me if I have a harp piece for her to play.

I give her Vega to try.

Two days later I go to her house to listen and, with mutual enthusiasm, I give her all the pieces that we will soon be recording.

Cecilia will perform them in concert on various and memorable occasions.

Here, I would like to express my profound thanks for her heartfelt help in correcting this new harp edition. (L. Einaudi)

CONTENTS: Notte - Calore - Moto - Calmo - Vega - Onda - Contatti - Respiro - Lento - Attesa - Cadenza - Orbite - Moto perpetuo - Cerchio - Ritorno


  • Harp

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